How to Protect Your Home?

Burglaries can happen especially in residential properties. And even if homeowners are often caught unaware, they can do things to prevent the break-ins from happening in the first place. That is why they have to prioritize home safety and security. Below are some ways to secure your house.

Ensure the Doors are Secured

A lot of burglars enter through the front door. As a homeowner you must inspect all the doors around your house. Ensure they have strong frames, hallow wood and protected hinges. The door should not have a mail shot that can let burglars reach through it to unlock the door. Also, make sure your door has a deadbolt or peephole to help make it even more secure.

Don’t Go Easy on your Windows

Not all latches put on windows are effective. Use levers you can operate with keys instead of latches to strengthen your security and safety. Also, think about inserting tempered or laminated glass to ensure a stronger hold. Always remember to secure all the windows around the house including those at the second floor.

Secure the House with a Security System

Every house needs to have some kind of security system. Before you pick the right system for your house, assess your area’s needs first. A number of the options available for you include motion sensors for windows and doors, alarms as well a smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. See more here.

Work with your Neighbors

Consider your neighbors as your first line of defense against a home intrusion. The people in your neighborhood know the place and can help monitor your house while you are away. However, they will only be willing to do this thing for you if they know you. So meet with them and establish a good relationship to make sure you have some people you can depend on.

Give your Home Safety and Security Plan a Test

After making friends with your neighbors, consider having a walk around and through your home to find unsecured things. Check if your valuables are visible from the outside. Can you see through your curtains? Testing your home measures can provide you an insight into the aspects of your security plan that you might have to tighten up.

Invest in Lights

Many burglaries take place during the day when nobody is at home. However, intruders can still attack homes at night so put lights around your front and back yard. Consider using lights that are  built with motion sensors for more protection.

Ensure there are no Hiding Places in your Property

While bushes and shrubs are likely to provide your property curb appeal, they may offer burglars a place to hide. Make sure you trim down plants and trees that are close to your house.

Look for and Use More Home Security Resources

Consider calling the local policy to try to get more information. A policy officer may come to your place to provide you tips on how to secure your house and family. Also, you can ask some neighbors if there are some watch programs that aid in home safety.


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